Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cooking up something delicious!

 I love watching Titus play in his kitchen! It makes me so happy, because I loved my play kitchen when I was younger, and now I love cooking in my REAL kitchen : ) I am hopeful that Titus' joy of "playing in the kitchen" will carry over into helping me cook when he is old enough to be helpful. I know that cooking with kids can be messy and frustrating, but it is such an important life skill, and, for me, cooking is a fun adventure!

 Titus' kitchen set came from my grandparent's basement. I don't really know the history behind it, but I do remember playing with the awesome oven when I came over to visit (I don't really remember the sink for some reason), and it makes me so happy to have it in my own home!

The dishes came from my mother-in-law. I think they used to belong to George and his sisters. He also got some things for his kitchen for Christmas : )

 Titus' favorite thing to make in his kitchen is tea. He puts blocks, plastic eggs, whatever else he can find,  in the teapot, stirs it around, and calls it "TEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!"

Food is one of Titus' favorite things. He loves all food, even things that aren't actually food, like crayons and play-doh. It makes sense that he loves creating food in his own little kitchen. I am so excited for the days when we can create real food together!

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