Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freezer cooking day

I got everything done that I planned to do! I didn't finish until about 8 pm, so next time I will probably not try to make quite at many things...that was a lot of dishes :)

Here are some pictures of what I made. Hopefully this will last us a while.

- 4 lbs. ground beef fried up

- 6 chicken breasts cooked and diced

- Pot of cooked pinto beans, divided into 2 cup portions

- 22 pancakes

- Homemade hashbrowns

I lost track of time, and I baked the potatoes for the hashbrowns a little too long, because when I tried to grate them they were very soft and starchy, so it didn't work very well. I went ahead and froze some grated potatoes, and I'll see if they end up tasting good as hashbrowns, but I just froze the rest of the baked potatoes to use in fried potatoes. Oh well, I can't be perfect at everything :)

- 8 breakfast burritos

- 18 chocolate chip banana muffins

- 6 peaches, peeled, sliced, and frozen

 I flash froze the peach slices on a cookie sheet for about 30 minutes so they wouldn't all stick together in the container.

- Vanilla ice cream

- 16 granola bars


  1. Freezing the peaches before putting them in the container for good was a great idea! Now I'm looking forward to pulling some of this stuff out on a busy day. It all looks so delicious (especially the ice cream)!

  2. wow Jenn! you have been busy! what a great idea to freeze all these things ahead of time=)
    annnd...i never would have thought to freeze the peaches individually first...good tip:)