Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breakfast picnic

Last week the weather in Pennsylvania was absolutely beautiful! We had several days of 70 degree weather, which is usually unheard of in March : ) Titus and I definitely took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for walks, played in the park, and ate lunch outside. One morning, it was especially nice, so I decided to have a little breakfast picnic! I got muffins from a local muffin shop, made hot chocolate (from a mix), and sliced up some strawberries for a fun little outing right in our own backyard ; ) Here are some pictures of the event:

 Strawberries and hot chocolate

 I got a raspberry cheesecake muffin - it was so good! I couldn't even finish the whole
 thing because it was so rich : )

 Titus surveying the breakfast spread

 Titus was SUPER excited about the strawberries.

After the strawberries were gone, Titus decided he wasn't interested in eating anything else, and that he just wanted to explore the yard. That was okay, picnics are for playing too : ) Hopefully next time we have a breakfast picnic, Daddy can come too!

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