Thursday, September 1, 2011

Titus' first birthday cake!

Titus LOVES taking baths, so for his first birthday I decided to make him a bathtub cake! George and I aren't planning to do big parties for our kids every year, but I want to at least make special, fun looking cakes. We just had some family and close friends over this year for Titus' birthday. He got some awesome presents (including wooden blocks and musical instruments) and lots of hilarious fun ensued.

The cake was super easy to make. I baked a carrot cake, to provide some semblance of nutrition :) I frosted it with cream cheese icing, which I whipped in the mixer so there would be a lot of it. The cake wasn't too spectacular, it was kind of dry, but it stayed together nicely, which is what I wanted. I hollowed out the tub part of the cake, then I frosted the whole thing with white icing. I dyed the rest of the icing blue, and used that to fill in the hollowed out part (read: LOTS OF ICING). Then I made the handles by sticking 8 mini marshmallows to 2 large marshmallows. That didn't work super well because I think my marshmallows were a little stale, but it was ok. I then wrote the letters "H" and"C" on the "handles" with decorating gel. Finally, I added 2 little rubber duckies to complete the look. I think it turned out super cute! Here is one more picture in case you forgot what it looked like :)

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