Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Car seat cover

The cover on Titus' car seat was getting a little worn out. There were holes in it, and I was just ready for something new. I debated trying to make a whole new cover, then decided that would take way to long, and the chance that it would turn out terrible was too great. So here is what I did instead:

  • I took a yard of flannel (that my mother-in-law had so generously given me) and pinned it to the existing cover. When recovering a car seat cover it is very important to pin the fabric down well, and make sure to get it into all the nooks and crannies.
  • I zig-zag stitched around the edges, and trimmed the fabric to the shape of the carseat after it was all sewn on.
  • Then I stitched around the edges again, with a regular running stitch, to reinforce the seam and to tack down the underside of the fabric. I didn't turn it under or anything, because no one will see that part, and I don't care about it.
  • Finally, I cut out the slits for the straps and used a machine satin stitch to bind the edges of the cuts I had made.
  • And that is it! Super easy! Next I am going to make covers for the shoulder straps out of the scraps of flannel that I was left with.

I used flannel for this project, because I thought it would be cozy in the wintertime, but you could use regular cotton to make a cover that would be suitable for summer as well. I hope this is helpful to anyone considering recovering an existing car seat cover. My method was not super finished and professional, but it looks fine, and so far has held up well :)

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