Thursday, November 10, 2011

Titus - 15 months

   My baby is 15 months old now. He really isn't much of a baby anymore, he is really a toddler now. Titus is so sweet and fun! George and I think he is just about the best baby to the walk the planet. We may be a tiny bit biased, but I know lots of other people enjoy him too : )
    Titus is very friendly. He will often go up and say "Hi" to people, and wave "goodbye" when they leave. He also says "all done", "uh oh", "hot", and "tea" (not always within the correct context :) He has 9 teeth now and is working on the 10th one. He can walk, run, dance, and go up and down stairs all by himself. I am so blessed to be the mama of this sweet, happy little boy!

Here are pictures of some of his favorite activities:


Going down the stairs



Being a cutie pie! Love those dimples :)

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