Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Needle book

Sometimes I like to bring hand sewing or mending projects with me when I go somewhere, but I have to round up all the supplies. So, yesterday I decided to make a little needle book that I keep stocked with pins, needles, and scissors, and just throw in my bag with some thread if I want to bring my sewing projects with me. I used this sweet little tutorial, that I found through Sew, Mama, Sew!  Sew, Mama Sew is doing their annual Handmade Holidays, and there are so many great ideas and tutorials. If you are considering making some homemade gifts this year, definitely check out Sew, Mama, Sew!

I used Amy's basic instructions for this needlebook, but I changed a few things, so I took pictures of what I did differently. This is not a tutorial, a wonderful tutorial has already been written, I am just sharing some pictures of what I made. :)

I used fabric from a thrifted sheet, and a scrap of pink fabric to make the needlebook.

 I cut out a flower from the sheet, and appliqued it to the pink fabric using fusible web, and hand sewing it for stability.

 I also added a button because I like buttons :)

I quilted it onto the batting, but unlike the tutorial, I machine quilted it. Hand quilting looks very cute, but is a little time consuming and I was trying to finish this before Titus woke up from his nap.

 I also added some rickrack because it is so cute

This is what the inside of the needle book cover looked like

 I added some ribbon and lace to the pages for the pins and needles

And a made a little holder for my tiny pair of scissors

 This is what the finished book looks like

 There is a page for straight pins and safety pins

 A page for scissors

 And a page for needles

I added the button closure on the back instead of the front, because if I put it on the front, it would have taken away from the applique.

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  1. Love this. Never even thought of some thing like this, but now I need one. :) Mine will be nowhere as fancy as yours, though, I assure you.