Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas gift tutorials - food!

I am wrapping up my Christmas gift tutorial series with the perfect gift, food. Holiday food is so much fun, and if you make it yourself it can be a lot less expensive than many other gifts. Food is also great because it is consumable, so it doesn't contribute to clutter ; ) To ensure gift giving success, know the tastes of the recipient, and any possible food allergies. Here are some ideas to get you started:

These little candies taste amazing! Yet they are made with the simplest of ingredients, and take very little time to make. These are a great gift for anyone who likes chocolate...or sugar : )

This makes a great little gift, especially packaged with some warm bread or muffins. It would be a nice teacher gift or neighbor gift. Cinnamon honey butter is easy to make and tastes fabulous!

This pumpkin bread recipe is great! My husband, who asked me not make any pumpkin bread, finished the whole loaf.  And pumpkin bread makes a great gift too, because it is so delicious, especially this time of year!

Peppermint bark is quintessential holiday treat. I think everyone should have a recipe for it. Store bought peppermint bark costs A LOT, and it doesn't taste nearly as good as the homemade stuff. For the best flavor use high quality dark and white chocolate. Don't use the "white chocolate" chips from the grocery store, they are just shortening and corn syrup. Spend a little more and get white chocolate made with real cocoa butter (Ghiradelli for example), it makes a huge difference.

This is the most amazing granola. It sounds a little strange to use olive oil in granola, but it gives the granola a spectacular flavor. This would be a great gift for someone who appreciates healthier foods, and wouldn't be as interested  in sweets.

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