Monday, November 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - November 28th

Thanksgiving dinner was great! It was my first time hosting, and the turkey turned out perfectly : ) I was a little worried since the thermometer read 180 and it was only supposed to cook until 170, but it wasn't dry or overcooked. I've cooked a turkey, now I feel like I can tackle anything!

Here is our menu for this week. I am trying to work in Thanksgiving leftovers : )

Monday - Turkey rice soup and peasant bread

Tuesday - Rice and beans

Wednesday - Shepherd's pie

Thursday - Sloppy Joes (from freezer) and carrot fries

Friday - Turkey tetrazzini


  1. So will your shepherd's pie be with lamb or beef? You know I have to be a purist since we used to raise sheep and say it has to be lamb or it's not shepherd's pie (beef = cowboy pie?!? lol) Looks like a yummy week at your house!

  2. George and I had the same conversation. They don't sell lamb at our grocery store, so I made it with ground sirloin instead. George said it was called cowboy pie...I said cowboy pie sounded stupid, like something you serve at a little kid's birthday party.

    Either way it was really good! Ground sirloin has a much better flavor than ground beef :)

  3. James says "cowboy pie sounds like something you step in in the pasture."